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KineMaster is one of the most useful video editor application on the internet. KineMaster is available for the Android devices but you can use it on your PC. (If you want to download KineMaster for PC *Click Here*). KineMaster is used by the majority of the users. who are working on the internet like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

If you guys are planning to use the KineMaster video editor app in your smartphone. But you guys are confused that what kind of features you will get this application, as a free version as well as paid version. That’s why i have wright this article for you guys.

KineMaster supports the Multiple Layers.

In the KineMaster video editor app, you can add the multiple layers of the video, photos, texts, music or other kinds of media. So the multiple layers of the videos can be used to make a professional individual video from your phone. So if you make a video from KineMaster video editor then it will beat the professional PC video editors easily.

Video Editing with the Smartphone.

If you are a really busy guy, and you don’t have time to use your computer for making a small project. Now video editing is super easy with KineMaster. So the video editor that you can edit your long video even when you are on the go to office, playground, movie, travel etc.

KineMaster saves a great amount of time for you. This is the best video editor on the internet. You don’t need to be open your computer and edit your video, now you can edit your videos with KineMaster.

Direct sharing the Media on Social.

We all are using social media every time. Every time if we have a little bit time then we open the social media and see how world are live. So with the KineMaster video editor you can create small funny vines and post it on a direct social media platform that saves your important time.

Real-Time video recorder.

KineMaster helps you to record the real-time videos with the amazing effects. So the video that might be viral on social media. Record video on KineMaster app and direct edit on it. KineMaster provides you with very advanced features in the free version.

Media Tools.

In the KineMaster, users can adjust the lights, background and the colors of the videos. So users also can use a green screen feature in the KineMaster. You can edit music, users can remove background noise from the music and apply many other features.

Instant Preview

KineMaster provides you to see an instant preview of your video. So you can watch your preview and change the mistakes that happen doing the video editing.

So the very small feature I have covered in this post, and some features will be missed. But if you want to know more about KineMaster video editor. I have provided you link of the (Official KineMaster Page ***Link***). If you don’t want KineMaster video editor (here are 5 Best Video editor for Phone/PC ***Link***)

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